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21. März 2017

Jurassic Park – ”Rock’N Roll Machine“ – cd

Jurassic Park featuring Berthus Westerhuis on guitar; John Scholing on vocals; Roelof Kloeze on bass and Hans Spijker on drums can be entitled protozoon-monsters  in the Dutch Hard Rock Scene. By their “Hotter Than Hell” shows at legendary Very Eavy Festival they have risen twice a hard’n  heavy musical tornado and blown the roof off the house.  Finally in 2017 here is their debut cd “Rock’N Roll Machine”! Play It Loud & Bang Your Head!

“Rock’N Roll Machine” as infernal title song and hooky opener starts by a monster battle of the rhythm-section by Hans and Roelof. When power-shouter John is setting in he is immediately roaring to keep the bogey away from his heavenly soul. Axe wizard Berthus is to enthuse by his virtuoso solo.  Hell of a loud-blast & enchanting culmination of the cd! “Solid As A Rock” is a modern hard-rock hymn, definitely a live-favorite for the freak-hellhounds to howl along. “Ready” is a kick-ass boogie-rock’n rolla. It is the song of maestro Westerhuis to hoodoo by his guitar-extravagance-solo. Jurassic Park cover “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder in a groovin’ hard & heavy neckbreaker-version. Explosive, dynamite version. “Frankenstein – Keep On Rockin’” is the reminiscence by theme of Westerhuis & Kloeze to their good ole’ days, as they were founders of the so entitled band. Their highlight of this era was a gig with Motörhead, televised on Dutch TV. “Road Fever” presents a stunning axe-guitar-drums-jam.  The boys can’t deny their love to blues’n roll by “Ground Man Down”. John’s voice is ever so exuding by vitality. Berthus is the slide-guitar slinger in devotion to his pandemonium’s majesty.  “Dejavu (Revisited)” as conclusion leaves all headbangers in pure final joy by instrumental big stadium-rock. 

Berthus Westerhuis did hell of a job as sound-producer*****

Jurassic Park – Iconic Dinosaurs Continuing The Legacy Of Dutch Hard Rock!


Berthus Westerhuis – guitar

John Scholing –vocals

Roelof Kloeze – bass

Hans Spijker – drums

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