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1. März 2012

Beth Hart @ Zeche, Bochum 28.02.2012


Beth Hart is finally getting the popularity she deserves also in Germany. Her stunning cooperation with Mr. Joe Bonamassa on the current CD “Don’t Explain” has certainly spreaded  the word… Playing only 3 shows in Germany on her spring-tour the renowned Zeche is packed to the limit. This club in Bochum in the heart of the German “Ruhrpott” is Cult. Classic black design with galleries for a nice view, a tremendeous, impressive stair and most excellent sound- and light-equipment.

Beth started this to be remembered concert-evening with “Crashing Down”. She proved her skills as singer-songwriter and specially excellent pianist. This song started relatively calm in the beginning but was getting more and more dynamic and full of power towards the end. The crowd was immediately electrified. “Well Well” as next showed  Beth as exploding, terrific, strong voiced rock-singer. Jon Nichols on lead-guitars was demonstrating what an extraordinary lead-guitarist he is. He does not have to dread the comparison with the great guitar-masters and legends. Beth really loves her fans! She was showing this by heart after “Delicous Surprise” where  she was welcoming a female die-hard-fan fromHolland. “Happyness Any Day Now” spreaded the feeling of her positive life-style nowadays and that she has left her evil days with drugs definitely behind. “Chocolate Jesus”, this gospel-oriented blues showed Beth as storyteller on keyboards again. Unbelievable the guitar-soli of second guitarist Josh Gooch. This 21 year old American guitarist blew the mind out of the guitar-freaks and was causing sparkling eyes. I repeat again his name, keep him in mind: Josh Gooch. He could be the next star-guitarist. He spreads-teen spirit with his look like being 17, but his guitar-play is already at his young age sooo extraordinary and fascinating. “MyCalifornia” was starting the encores-sessions. This was her charming ballad expressing her devotion, admiration and love to her birth-state. She presented it with soo much spirit and warmness. WONDERFUL*** Tom Lilly on bass and Todd Wolf on drum were the dynamic, well harmonizing rhythm-section. After 2 hours of concert-excitement Ms. Hart presented the slow blues “Ain’t No Way”. Tremendeous guitar-slide intro by Mr. Nichols, warmish organ-sound by Mr. Maas and very soulful vocals by Lady Beth. The fans were amazed. As they liked more and the over-loud applause would not stop Beth and band hit again the stage to play „Whoe Lotta Love“. This hard-rock-classic strolled Zeche into a tollhouse. Beth had given all and was completely exhausted. The final end*.

The female fans appreciate Ms. Hart as an intelligent, liberated, strong-power-woman. And the male freaks? They imagine her in their dreams; Their heart-loving-angel, wild-breathtaking playmate or snarling cat of prey. But most important: Beth Hart is an unbelievable vocalist, performer, musician, songwriter and composer. Hurry up to catch her live in such intimatate atmosphere clubs like Zeche as long as she is still playing in these.  It won’t take long and she will play also in Germany only the big venues like as already by our Benelux neighbours. My personal “Over-The-Top-Concert” so far in 2012.


Crashing Down

Well Well

Good as it Gets

Declicious Surprise

Happiness Any Day Now

Something Gotta Hold

Don’t Explain

Your Heart is Black as Night

Chocolate Jesus

The Mood That I am In

Monkey Back

For my friend


Lifts You Up

I’ll take care of you



One Eyed Chicken

Ain’tNo Way

Whole Lotta Love


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