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18. Januar 2017

RHB – Ruben Hoeke Band – „Sonic Revolver“– cd – Butler Records – BUR # 2016017 Distribution: Bertus

Ruben Hoeke is definitely one of the younger versatile six-string guitar-wizards from Holland on the rise to the international top league of maestros. The blues put a significant spell on him by B.B. King. Keep an eye – Ruben on your signed Gibson – Les Paul by Riley… All guitar freaks would love to have it in their collection! The main most important fact is how he plays his solos; so full of passion, but innovative and unique from powerful to utmost sensitive. On top he is not limited to any musical style, he’s in love also to hard-rock and a dervish on slide-guitar. The end of 2016 and start of 2017 was so prosperous for him by live-activities; no one else than world renowned guitar icon Jan Akkerman engaged him as second duet guitar-partner for his 70 –  birthday tour. Off course most important is his the release of his brilliant, relatively new cd entitled RHB – Ruben Hoeke Band –  “Sonic Revolver”! Ruben is really a team player and so he granted his partners in musicianship Lucas Pruim on vocals, Paul Brandsen on bass and Eric Hoeke on drums their free space to evaluate themselves in the studio. Ruben was the lord of the musical  creation and Lucas the text composer, except for „That’s The Boogie“. Are you ready to enjoy a speedy, adventurous i-muici journey by RHB & “Sonic Revolver”?

“That’s The Boogie” is introduced by an infernal drum-bass-guitar tempest. The RHB plays on like jam-stormtroopers from Star Wars by a loud-blast of a sensational, heavy blues-rock with a buckshot of honky-tonkin’ boogie. The territory wherever you are will tremble and you will be awestruck from the very beginning. If there are maniacs who think their guitar idols are getting too much in standard routine by their solos, you absolutely will get gloomy eyes by the axe-extravaganza by maestro Hoeke by ”Pet the Fat Cat (Milk Her Sugar)” , which is so unique by the high-octave sound and over-the rainbow. “A Naked Phrase” as most beautiful half-ballad grants you a relax-pause by the intro before the journey into the orbit continues. It is definitely the song of Lucas by his charming, meditative chant. The RHB should have been a band already existing in the 80’ies. By “Cyanide Fire” they would have had a glorious, melodic hard-rock hymn and top hit also abroad in the U.S. like Bon Jovi these days.  Hey rock radio-stations this is a melodic top song for your listeners gusto. Pls. support and promote the RHB by playing it in your charts and broadcasts.. “Liar, Liar (Panties on Fire)” is a modern, flamy reminescence to T. Rex & Marc Bolan. The RHB stick off course also to traditional blues with a present-day play-mix of Chicago meets Texas Blues by “Hour-E-Cow”. Ruben is the grand magician on hellacious slide guitar. By “Selling To Sell” RHB demonstrate their exceptional sound virtuosity. This is an ear-blowing shuffle of hard- and progressive rock. By “Belltower” Ruben and band-mates are returning to the roots of hard blues-rock. Play it loud and bang to the rhythms. Hell of power-tune. “Live Today” is the absolute top song of the cd. Spheric, epic six-string solos, a warm-blooded hoodoin’ sensitive chant and sinewy rhythm grooves make it an extraordinary culmination hymn. “Time” as final track concludes in calmative, thoughtfully happiness and harmony.

The cd sound is sensational & stunning. You always will be hooked by the impression that “Sonic Revolver” was recorded in one unity like a live-concert in the studio. The RHB always play with hot-blooded power to thrill your souls.

RHB – Ruben Hoeke Band & “Sonic Revolver” a 5-STAR rollercoaster pleasure ride*****

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c@Ron Koffeman


Ruben Hoeke – guitar

Lucas Pruim – vocals

Paul Brandsen – bass

Eric Hoeke – drums


You can order your copy of „Sonic Revolver“ or all cd’s by Ruben immediately by clickin‘ on the photo above!