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4. Dezember 2016

Uli Jon Roth – Tokyo Tapes Revisited – Live In Japan – UDR Music

Uli Jon Roth is by music-lovers of all styles, but specially by guitar-freaks a legend in Japan. In promotion of his phenomenal cd “Scorpions Revisited” he was playing in the same iconic venue there in 2015 where the Scorpions recorded the original Tokyo Tapes – the famous Nakano Sun Plaza. Maestro Roth is named in the same echelon in Nippon Country with Ritchie Blackmore or Jimmy Page. Are you hot to experience why? Let yourself be enchanted and entertained specially by the concert-blu-ray and on top by the two cd’s featuring the whole show of ”Tokyo Tapes Revisited”!

The opener is the hard-rockin’”All Night Long”. Nathan James is the attractive shouter by it. His voice is absolutely powerful and to charm. The rhythm section by Ule Ritgen and Jamie Little is heavy hittin’. By the second title “Longing For Fire” Niklas Turman takes over the lead-vocals. He is definitely the superbe foreman for the melodious songs, specially also later by the traditional inspired  “Kojo No Tsuki” . Corvin Bahn on keyboards provides a sound-floor that is an absolute enrichment to the music. The absolute highlight of the whole show can be entitled “The Sails Of Charon”. Uli’ssix-string solos on his Sky Guitar are pure wizardry.  The Nakano Sun Plaza was turning into an Asian tollhouse.  UJR’s vocals are a matter of taste, but his canto by “Sun In My Mind” is absolutely stunning. The 3 axemen, specially second exceptional virtuoso  David Klosinsky and Uli are duelling themselves. What a gigantic jam***** “In Trance” was to hoodoo the “Over The Rainbow” Style. Uli is not only playing the Scorps songs, but adds some extravaganza masterpieces, specially  “Rainbow Dream Prelude”. He manifests that he is also a master of the Spanish & Flamenco sounds on classical guitar. Time is flying by the early Scorpions killer songs like ”Virgin Killer” and “Polar Night”. Mister Roth and bandmates conclude the soirée by their ode to Jimi Hendrix by “All Along The Watchtower & “Little Wing”. A grand final to send all his fans home by the theme of “Peace & Love”.

The picture quality of the blu-ray is phenomenal, the sound can be chosen  in 5.1 Dolby or 2.0 pcm. The two cd’s feature the whole show in superbe stereo-sound. The artwork of this package is lovely by creativity and featuring a small photo-booklet. There is no bonus features, a documentary about the tour would have been definitely of interest.

Uli John Roth – A Legendary Guitar Magus*****

Toyko Tapes Revisited a iconic and top concert- immortalization!


Uli Jon Roth                       Guitar, vocals

Nathan James                   Vocals

Niklas Turmann               Guitar, vocals

David Klosinksi                                Guitar  

Ule W. Titgen                   Bass

Corvin Bahn                       Keyboards

Jamie Little                        Drums

This blu-ray & the two cd’s are a must-buy for any concert-devotees!

Pls. click on the photo above for a blu-ray trailer!

Thank you Netinfect & Mark Dehler for the promo…



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