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18. Februar 2012

Ken Hensley & Live Fire @ DOWNTOWN BLUESCLUB, Hamburg 17.02.2012

You remember the “Good-Old Hard-Rock-Days“ in the 70’ies“? Ken Hensley & Live-Fire brought this musical spirit back live by their outstanding gig at DOWNTOWN BLUESCLUB Hamburg. This club is a real jewel with its close atmosphere to the performing act, excellent sound- and & light-facilities. Mr.Hensley is definitely one of the music legends from this era, being founding-member of Uriah Heep and composer of many of their unforgettable and most important hits. This gig was the only concert-date so far in 2012 being held inGermany together with his tight Scandinavian band for the promotion of his CD “Faster” from 2011.

The gig started with the rockin’ “Set Me Free” from it. This high-power-song was electrifying immediately the spectators of the older age-group, being present. Strong vocals of  Eirikur Hauksson as classic hard-rock-singer and brilliant, melodic guitar-hooks by Ken Ingwersen. Positive hoodoo by “The Curse” as rock’n roller was up second with steaming bass-play by Sid Ringsby and Tom Arne Fossheim on drums.  “Look At Yourself” and “Circle of Hands” were dominated by Ken’s over-the-top keyboard-playing. He’s still a master on the organ*. Ken was to celebrate “The Wizard” by his magic-chant and acoustic-guitar-play. The highlight of this wonderful evening. It would have been a big surprise again if former bandmate from UH, vocalist “John Lawton” would have joined Ken and LF again as lead-singer on “Blood on the Highway”. But he was not as he’s living in Bulgarianow, still being active and on tour mainly there. “Stealin” was a high-energy singing-performance by  Eirikur, boosting bass and drum play by Sid and Tom, spacy organ-play by Ken and specially the soli by the second Ken on guitar. One of the most popular, energizing all-time hard-rock songs “Easy Living” was performed next. Already towards the near-end of the set. The guitar and organ-duels of Mr. Ingwersen and Mr. Hensley were ear-and eye-catchy. Specially Ingwersen was demonstrating what an excellent guitar-dervish he is. Ken Hensley & Live Fire were ending the regular set by “Lady in Black” the heartly-desired megahit of Uriah Heep. Ken in the center of the stage again playing his acoustic-guitar, singing it in a brilliant and clear way and by strong voice. The freaks as background-choir sounding like 10.000 voices. Goose-Skin atmosphere. By a heavy dynamic encore of “Gypsy” with wild keyboard soli from Mr. Hensley and axework by Mr. Ingwersen the concert ended after approx. 75 minutes. The crowd was cheering with loudest screams for more but a last group-standout on stage as Thank-You and this was it…  Some unforgettable songs of Heep more would have been enjoyed.

Ken Hensley the keyboard-magician was spreading joy amongst his fans andHamburg was declared as one of his live magic homes. “El espiritudel champán & la comida” were his delights post-concert!


Set Me Free

The Curse

Look At Yourself

Circle of Hands

July Morning

The Whizard

Blood On The Highway

The Last Dance


Easy Living

Lady in Black



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