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24. Juli 2016

Gov’t Mule – The Tel-Star Sessions – cd – Mascot

Gov’t Mule and particularly their mastermind Warren Haynes are to reveal Anno 2016 one of their early treasures declared as The Tel-Star Sessions. It was the first sessions when Warren together with bass-groove-monster Allen Woody and drumster Matt Abts were in the studio for recording purposes of Mule’s first cd.

“Blind Man In The Dark” is a longtime live-favourite, but this raw and hard jammin’early version is just “muliculous-enchanting”! Warren’s voice is of ever so  exuding vitality by “Rocking Horse” and his guitar artistry is hellacious and fiery. This version is ever so highly explosive by the rhythm section and specially by the bass-grooves of Allen. “Monkey Hill” next has its own charm by the psychedelic and stoner character. “Mr. Big” as cover is Warren’s definite obeisance to Paul Kosoff by his extended axe-solo and Mr. Woody is the bass-manimal by this jam. Off course the threesome was that time having their pure jam-blues-time which they celebrate by “Mother Earth”.  “Just Got Paid” was their reminiscence to The Little Ole Band From Texas – ZZ Top. For all jam-maniacs “Left Coast Groovies” is definitely the absolute highlight featuring stunning guitar-bass-drums duels. It is continuing the psychodelic  legacy of Grateful Dead. The grand-final is the two versions of World Of Difference, both a glorious afterglow to the unforgettable Allen Woody on bass.

Gov’t Mule by The Tel-Star Sessions at their Best in their early years! The sound remastering is just sensational. A must purchase not only for MULEHEADS, but for all maniacs of highly explosive jam-rock*****


Warren Haynes – guitar, vocals

Allen Woody – bass

Matt Abts – drum



Blind Man In The Dark

Rocking Horse

Monkey Hill

Mr. Big

The Same Thing

Mother Earth

Just got paid

Left Coast Groovies

World Of Difference

World Of Difference (alternate/original mix)


Click on the photo below to listen to „World Of Difference“


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