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8. Juni 2016

Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – On A Mission Live In Madrid – bluray – inakustik – # inak 7193BD

Michael Schenker, the Teutonic, iconic axe-man was in 2015 on tour worldwide for his hooky cd ”Spirit On A Mission” and definitely the highlight show amongst nearly all of his gigs was taking place in Madrid in the royal kings palace theatre Joy Eslava. If you ask for the purpose of his mission? “Keep Good Ole Hard Rock & Handmade Music Alive”! Hell Yeah…. Needless to say that Michael is amongst the top guitarists in the whole universe, but by his Temple of Rock lineup he gathered some stunning musical friends around him by Herman Rarebell on drums, Francis Buchholz on bass, Doogie White on vocals and Wayne Findley on second guitar and keyboards. Enjoy purse passion and transfer your performance place into your Palace Of Rock!!!

The Spanish are always hot-blooded and by grace also for some extravagance hard-rock. They were eagerly awaiting their hero by some shiny light-séance and the intro of “Ocean Oddyssey”. When Michael entered the stage and started to hoodoo on his Dean flying V there was branding a loud-blast of applause. Michael was pierced this soirée by his playlist and his never ending love to his former bands UFO & The Scorpions. By the opener “Doctor Doctor” the Joy Eslava was immediately set on fire by the action. Doogie was singing ever so powerful and stunning and the old-young guys Francis and Herman were to kick-ass as rhythm section. Wayne was the virtuoso on keyboards first.  Amazing to see by the consecutive “Live And Let Live” how maestro Schenker was to enchant by his blitheness of his solo-plays. He was even dancing on stage, shakin’ hands with the freaks in the first row and always had a smile in his face. The “Lights Were Out” in the auditorium, but they were ever so illuminative on stage; the lighting-technician did a fine job***. Off course brilliant songs from the MSG era had to make it to the set-list, too and “Victim Of Illusion” was one of the top-notch of them. “Lovedrive” was his special reminiscence to his being the solo-guitarist of the Scorpions. The fans were also amazed to see the continuation of the posing by Schenker, Findlay and Buchholz, as the protagonists got a bid “greyer”, off course not anymore by the legendary Scorps pose-pyramid, haha… “Saviour Machine” was the absolute highlight of the show, Michael played sensational solos on a double-bar flying v and was even proving that he can be the devilish guitar-slinger by using a bottleneck. You may ask why “Rock You Like A Hurricane” was amongst the set-list by Herman “Ze German” was one of the main authors and he was a superbe lord of the sticks. Wayne was the guy in the spotlight by playing the lead-axe-solos. By “Attack Of The Mad Axeman” Michael was hurricane-shaking the Joy Eslava by his six-string-artistry. The grand final was the UFO classic “Rock Bottom”. The Spanish hellhounds had gloomy eyes all night long. They were ever so pleased and had witnessed a “Starry Night To Remember”

Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – Mission Phantasmagorial  Fulfilled******

This blu-ray is not only a starry highlight, it is definitely in the chart-position of the ten best blu-ray’s ever. The sound and picture quality is absolutely phenomenal. inakustik proved again what a grandiose record company they are! If you read their name you can absolutely rely on quality… Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – On A Mission Live In Madrid a Must-Buy not only for devotes, but for all rock lovers.


Ocean Odyssey – Intro

Doctor Doctor

Live And Let Live

Lights Out

Where the Wild Winds Blow

Natural Thing

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

Victim Of Illusion


Coast To Coast

Vigilante Man

Rock My Nights Away

Saviour Machine

Too Hot To Handle

Only You Can Rock Me

Lord of the Lost and Lonely

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Rock Bottom


Attack Of The Mad Axeman




Outside The Theatre – Would have been also a perfect beginning for the show… Great to see the fans

Soundcheck Sketches