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3. April 2016

Ralph de Jong – Lonesome Man, Ocean of Love – cd – 2016

It is spring; time for music, love, peace and emotion. It is also the period of blooming tulips. These beautiful, colorful plants may definitely get you in mind also of Holland! Rarely there is a musician gifted with so many excellences like Ralph de Jongh, he is a stunning singer, six-string maestro, both on electric and acoustic ones from sensitive to powerful and he is such a highly talented songwriter. He was born in the Dutch town of Roosendaal. You can also call him a trophy hunter, haha as he was awarded the Dutch Blues Award 2011 and the Dutch Blues Challenge 2014. Besides his musical activities he is also a creative painting artist. He loves to be permanently on tour and to record new live- and studio.albums, this is his elixir of life and love.  So be delighted to enjoy his new double cd – – “Lonesome Man, Ocean of Love” featuring twenty-four diamond self-composition-tracks recorded and mixed in phenomenal sound at famous Wisseloord Studio’s by Huub Reijnders!

On his first studio cd titled “Lonesome Man” De Jongh starts the rootsy Americana style, playing the acoustic guitar. Kind of meditative song-text with thrilling, soulful chant. The tune is spiced  up by beautiful organ melodies by Roel Spanjers. “Both Feet On The Ground” is a beautiful stompy country song with a blues-twang. It spreads happiness. He is most of the time a sunny-boy and good humoured. Moon Anderson his beautiful, congenial background vocal grace is contributing some lovingful chants. “Let Me Look In Your Eyes” is a sweetening folky hymn featuring bluesy dobro-solos. A song which could have been also of “The Famous Glitter Twins” with Ralph in personal unification on chant and guitar. Rye is a delta-blues for lovers. “Life Is Good Enough” proves the starry skills of Ralph as songwriter, it is a graceful road song manifesting his thankfulness for his life-situation and style. The violin solos are a starry extravagance. “Lonesome Man” and “Love Is Not A Friend” reflect the other side of the life on the road, there can definitely also be sad moments, specially by being alone. Melancholy-blues with intensive violin stand-alone by Ewa Gorzijnska. “Soldier Boy” is a empathic country-blues continuing the legacy and in tribute of Lou Reed. “One More Last Goodbye” is a poetic bar-salon blues, when the maestro reflects the dolorous farewell to his babe for being on the road. “Worm” is rollin’ & tumblin’ blueser with a rock’n roll twist , honky-tonk piano and slide solos by Ralph with his axe-brother Maarten Ouweneel. An inspiration to enjoy the spring-sun and nature and to be happy. “7 Days A Week” is his reflection on his hard work, when he did notmake music as interference. “Feel Me” is his personal expression as conclusion of “Lonesome Man” ,a song starting slowly which advances into a blues with rockin’ attitude and freaky sulkiness.

“Lonesome Man” reflects the other side of Ralph de Jongh’s many musical faces, the more calmer Americana orientated singer/songwriter one, of course always with a heavy buckshot of blues.

Cd 1: “Lonesome Man”

01. Ready For Change

02. Both Feet On The Ground

03. Let Me Look In Your Eyes

04. Rye

05. Life Is Good Enough

06. Lonesome Man

07. Love Is Not A Friend

08. Soldier Boy

09. One More Last Goodbye

10. Worm

11. Keeper Of The Key

12. 7 days A week

13. Feel Me

“Ocean Of Love” as cd number two starts by the Americana rocker ”Perfect Day”. “Sugarbody” features funky rhythm groves and a hot sax-solo by Arend Bouwmeester.  No feet will stand still… “Come Back” is a laid-back love-declaration blues.  Life’s A Shark is featuring ghostly slide guitar-solos. “Burning Flame” is a devilish, swampy Mississippi/Louisiana blues with gator-drum-rhythms by Arie Verhaar. On top the harmonica plays are to spice up the gumbo. “Love Striking Me Down” is a  band-jam blues-rocker; hotter than hell. It  has dynamite bass-plays by Nico Heilijgers. “Right Here by Your Side” is unexpectedly a steamy blues-punk’n-roller, with kick-ass axe masters duels. “Dreams as grand-final of “Ocean Of Love” is like an urban jungle groove of music-capitals, a hot-blooded mélange of blues-rock with funky & latino elements. A song like New Orleans and New York musicians jammin’ together.

“Ocean Of Love” is like the return to his roots as bluesman Ralph De Jongh. featuring many musical influence-surprises.

Cd 2: “Ocean Of Love”

01. Perfect Day

02. Sugarbody

03. Evening Sun

04. Every Night

05. Come Back

06. Life’s A Shark

07. Thought You Were The Summer

08. Burning Flame

09. Love Striking Me Down

10. Right Here By Your Side

11. Dreams


Ralph de Jongh: Lead vocals, All Guitars

Arie Verhaar: Drums And Glockenspiel

Guitars: Maarten Ouweneel

Nico Heilijgers: Bass

Arend Bouwmeester: Saxophones, clarinet, percussion

Moon Anderson, Nico Heilijgers, Arie Verhaar, Ralph de Jongh * Juna, Julian, Luka, Claudia & Tijmen de Jong: Backing Vocals

Roel Spanjers: Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond B3, Acoustic Piano

Ewa Gorzijnska aka. Ewa Pepper, Felix Tournier, Ralph de Jongh: Violin

If you do not plan a worthy holiday travel to Holland to visit one of Ralph’s highly to ensorcell gigs you may order his cd’s here:





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