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12. Februar 2012

Julian Sas @ Iduna, Drachten 11.02.2012



The Poppodium Iduna in Drachten, Netherlands, as awesome concert-location was able to state shortly after opening the doors “Sould-Out”. This signified how Julian Sas is well acknowledged as an outstanding live-performer and extraordinary blues-rock guitarist. Very nice was also that there were several youngsters attending the concert and being fascinated. So the youth will keep up and continue the spirit and legacy!


“Movin to Survive” as energetic song was the ideal opener and Julian motivated the fans immediately. The first highlight was “Bound” to Roll” the title song of his new cd.

His bandmates, Tenny Tahamata on bass and Rob Heijne on drums proved which extraordinary powerful rhythm-fraction they are. “Swampland” was following and was my personal favourite in the setlist. You could easily imagine by closed eyes paddling in a canoe in the bayou, watching alligators, water turtles, cranes or in the evenings a blood-red sunset through the Louisiana cypress-trees. “Blues for the Lost and Found” was fascinating by the perceptive guitar-play of Julian and his strong voice. “Tear it up” ended the 1st set and the crowd was welcoming the possibility of having a drink for their thirsty throats or smoking…

Julian Sas was opening the 2nd part of the gig by playing “Stranger Blues”. “Highway 61 Revisited” by Bob Dylan was not only just a cover-song, but the Dutch guitar-maestro was to interpret it in his own way with hell of a slide-guitar playing. Tenny was demonstrating

impressively what a monster-bass-player he is. Enchanting***. “Burning Bridges” as slow, melancholic blues gave the fans a little time of regeneration, fascinating by the sensitive

guitar-soli. The stamping “Driftin’ Boogie” was continuing this explosive, extraordinary concert. Rob on drums was working hard and in impressive way his kit.

Julian honoured towards the end of the 2nd Set first Rory Gallagher with “Shadow Play”. By his versatile, emotional soli you could feel his passion for the unforgettable Irish Guitar Hero.

Second, afterwards Jimi Hendrix by the cult song “Hey Joe”. The Iduna was “ROCKIN”. Mr. Sas soli led the freaks to headbanging or wild dancing.

He finished the official gig by “Devil Got My Number” He was leaving the stage by ear-piercing, frenetic applause. Naturally he could not get off like this so he was granting with pleasure the encores “Bullfrog Blues” and “All Around Boogie”. 2 ½ hours approximately were passed in a stormy way.

As additional “Thank You” Mr. Sas was signing afterwards at the merch stand for a long time autographs with his bandmates and posing for photos. This proved what a sympathic, nice guy he is. The young kids had glooming eyes and the older freaks were definitely totally happy and full of satisfaction passing together into the ice-cold, moony night for their way home.


Set 1:  

Movin to Survive



Bound to Roll


Looking for a Friend

Blues Won’t Stay,

Lost and Found

The Way It Goes

Tear it up.

Set 2:

Stranger Blues

Highway 61 Revisited

30 Days in the Hole

Burning Bridges

Driftin Boogie

Life on the Line

Shadow Play

Hey Joe

Devil Got my Number


Bullfrog Blues

All Around Boogie


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