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11. Februar 2016

David Klosinski – Electric Church – cd – Self-Release


Famous German Six-String Heroes like Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and Wolf Hoffmann are luckily still “Alive & Kickin’” on tour and by cd-releases. Any worries for the future if they are “Too Old To Rock’n oll & Too Young To Die”? Hell No! There’s already the young generation of guitar-sybil-apprentices to kick ass in their footsteps and one of the leaders is definitely David Klosinski from Hamburg. He started to play his beloved instrument by the age of twelve and became a hot in demand studio and session minstrel. But his real lucky day was when he participated at the “Crossroads Guitar Award” in 2012 where he finished as most excellent secondary finalist. His grace was that Uli was amongst the jury. He was so much overwhelmed with emotion that he took him under his pinion feathers and engaged him as second lead guitarist besides him in his band. By his talent and ever growing studio and live-tour-virtuosity he will have the fancy pleasure of joining maestro Roth by his The Ultimate Guitar Experience – Tour 2016 in North America featuring the two axe-icons Jennifer Batten and Andy Timmons. And on top as culmination there is the release of his first solo cd.

Let yourself be enchanted and play it at maximum peak of your speakers!

Ladies & Gentlemen would you pls. welcome “Electric City” by David Klosinski!    

“Electric” City as title track and inaugural jewel will invite you to his sound-world. Softer melodies  are transcending with red-hot heavy riffs. By closed eyes you can dream of a beautiful modern greenish city flushed by a river like the Amazonas and a scenario like in the film Avatar. David proves that he is a master of different sound fusions, so by “Evolution” next he was in the mood for some funky-jazzy-plays, off course also a buckshot of metallics. Pounding power-drum contribution by Arvid Kowalzik. Stormy Weather” could be also identified as a new tune by Van Halen. Good-ole Eddie could be proud to write and perform a song like this featuring such killer solos in his old days…”Crazy House” is definitely mister Klosinsky’s bow and thank you to his friend an master Roth. Typical Scorpions riffs mélange into South American Rhythms.  Richard Müller plays some fiery bass-solos. “Sad Story” is entitled by theme utmost melancholic, but is a beautiful warm-hearted ballad with even classical music influences by the middle jam. The absolute, brilliant highlight of the cd. This song would be highly of interest in another version with elfish female chant. Hey you – Hollywood & Oscar Producers “Arabian Nights” would be a grand theme for your next Aladin tale. “Reptile” is a fascinating fusion extravagance like a white albino boa-constrictor. It is featuring freaky, funky-groovin’, metallic shred-themes. By the grand-final conclusion song “Ocean” David invites you by closed eyes to dive into his beautiful, phantasmagorial world of sea-creatures, water-world sceneries and streamy ocean currents. A melodic journey into this world by the oceans of all world-continents.

The cd-sound of the eight instrumental ever so diversified songs will blow your mind and was produced at Dadasound Studios!

David Klosinski a new axe-tycon with a hell of a five-star magnum opus – Electric City*****.

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