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1. Juni 2014

Royal Southern Brotherhood – heartsoulblood – Ruf Records – Ruf 1204


Royal Southern Brotherhood have released after several tours in the U.S. & Europe their second studio creation on Ruf records. From the very first tune you immediately get aware how harmonizing and inspiringly the band-friends cooperate by creativity together. So enjoy the CD-Jewel Of The Year 2014 so far  – heartsouldblood!

Photo-c@ Richard Ecclestone

“World Blues” starts very swampy  with hooky guitar-solos by turns of Mike Zito and Devon Allman. You can imagine the inspirational, recreational, nightly atmosphere outside of Dockside Studio near the bayous of the Vermilion River in Louisiana. “Rock and Roll“ as second track is an electrifying Rock’N Roll “The N’awlins Style with wizardous  drum-beats by the rhythm-stick man Yonrico Scott. He is by the way not only into drumming, but also a master of painting and was the creator of the soulful cd-artwork. “Groove On” is a beautiful latin-ballad and ends up with a fervid three-harmony-vocalisation of Mike, Devon and Cyril. By “Here It Is” the RSB were in the mood for funk with virtuoso bass-plays by Charlie Wooton. “Callous” continues the legacy of The Beatles, so the RSB can be called “The New FAB 5”! Southern-rock by excellence is celebrated by “Ritual” featuring a phenomenal guitar-jam by Mike & Devon. “Shoulda Known” is a classical ballad for people as self-identification with a dreamlike acoustic-six-string therapy.  “Lets Ride” is exciting by rapturous chant of Cyril, the heavy-hittin’ groove of the rhythm-monsters Yonrico and Charlie; ended by the jam-exploding axe-armada. “Tracked” is for the stressed people to relax. She’s My Lady” is a love-song certainly dedicated to the Motown Era, ever so poignant by the vocals and jazzy-guitar- melodies. “Takes A Village ” is a heart-touching miraculous soul-ballad with a chant by Cyril full of warmth and a meditative slide-guitar-solo by Mike. The royal high-light of the cd. “Love And Peace” as song of loving spirituality is mixing reggae and funk rhythms by a unique blend.  A song worshipped to all religions to exist in harmoniousness without any wars together as conclusion.

Royal Southern Brotherhood – heartsouldblood – Voodoo To Your Souls!


World Blues     

Rock And Roll  

Groove On        

Here It Is            



Shoulda Known              

Let’s Ride          


She’s My Lady

Takes A Village               

Love And Peace