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9. Februar 2014

Revamp / My Propane @ Poppodium Romein – Leeuwarden (NL) – 07.02.2014

The utmost iconic Poppodium Romein in Leeuwarden with its theatrical interior was the beautiful, stylish venue for a special metal-soirée by Revamp and My Propane. It is amazing and great that Floor Jansen is still sustiaing by great enthusiasm the continuation of her own band-baby Revamp as she is since 2013 the front-female-queen of Nightwish. She could easily just relax and calm down after any worldwide-tours, but she needs live-appearance and musical activity. So it was great to experience her in so close, intimate atmosphere.

My Proprane had the favour to open as special guest. The band has its residency in the YNetherlands, but the musicians are like a worldwide conglomerate of Nativity. An Italian frontman from the UK, a South American guitar player originating from India, the guy on bass from Holland  and a Semi-German drummer. Their live music is an intoxicating mix of alternative rock and metal. Outstanding musician was definitely guitarist Anand Mahangoe by playing a 12string-guitar which sounds like a sitar. His filigree, melodious soles were in absolutely contrary to the dark, impressive vocals by singer Valerio Recenti. This mélange of sounds was ever so electrifying also for the fans who bidded farewell to the band from stage by strongest applause.

When Revamp were entering the stage they were hailed by a loudblast. By starting with ‘The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: On the Sideline & The Limbic System’ the freaks were immediately captured & the infernal metal-party was goin’ wild. The most excellent rhythm section by Matthias Landes on drums and Henk Vonk on bass were taking care of speed like the wind by a thunderstorm. And Floor did not only look ever so charming and sexy in her leather-like outfit with palookas, her voice was hexing everybody. She was really by the first two songs the mistress of power-chant it was amazing how she ruled also with sinister growls. If there would anybody be attacking her by night she would sent the offender to Valhalla by these, haha. The musical anti-pole where Arjan Rijnen and Jord Otto on guitars playing melodious solos. The highlight of the show was definitely ‘Precibus’ when Floor was singing like an opera-diva the grandioso style with Ruben Wijga on virtuosic keyboards. By ‘In Sickness ‚Till Death Do Us Part: Disgraced’ the non-plus-ultra gig was concluded by thunderous applause and a bow-down to the fans. And Floor she was ever so likeable and natural by fulfilling all fan-requests afterwards.


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