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6. Februar 2014

Chthonic – Ián-Bú – DVD – eagle vision – EREDV1019

Chthonic from Taiwan are a metal group and very special and attractive besides the metal instrumentation by the integration of Chinese instrument hiân-á, koto, shamisen, Tibetan bells, shakuhachi and  pgaki flutes. They are very political by their sing-texts – fighting by paroles against any means of oppression as one side, the other on integrating themes of Taiwanese mythology, the national peoples-faith of Daoism. This live-show is from a big festival and manifests the status of Chthonic as top-band in Taiwan, with gigantic screen-projections, sound and light-show.

A traditional Taiwanese-classic-musical intro “Arising Armament” showing the band by their warm-up with fightlike-processions serves as introduction and show start. When the band enter the stage dressed in their own couture, face-painted, the drummer wearing a mouth mask and the keyboarder wearing a horror-prisoner-mask starting by ‘Oceanquake’ the metal-freaks go crazy by headbanging or dancing in the mosphit.Weird! The projections on the big background-scenes often show war- or Taiwan-Spirtit motives. The classical string masters fascinate again with their chinese instrumentation. Strong lead-voalist Freddy Lim roars the devil out of his soul, but it is specially Jesse Liu to stick out by his melodic guitar-solos. He is a real axe-maestro and to flesh out the other musical face of Chthonic. The band fights also against suppression of woman andso it is their own manifestation of this by integration of bassist Doris Yeh in the group. It is awesome how heavy and monster-like the daintily lady is caressing her 4-stringer. The highlight of the show was definitely “Southern Cross”! By the outro “Undying Rearment” a captivating show was terminated by thunderous applause.

Chthonic – Metal-Icons from Taiwan!

The bonus dvd-material is extensive, featuring the videos for their actual cd ”Bú-Tik”, making of and an interview with bass-lady Doris Yeh and director Vince Chuang. The videos are impressive, but very heavy by style and explicit, specially for ‘Supreme Pain For The Tyrant’. So nothing for children and people with frayed nerves.


1) Intro: Arising Armament   2) Oceanquake   3) Supreme Pain For The Tyrant  4) Next Republic   5) Takao   6) Broken Jade   7) Southern Cross   8) Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire   9) Defenders Of Bú-Tik Palace   10) Outro: Undying Rearmament

BONUS-MATERIAL:Behind The Scenes (1) & (2) / Promo-Videos: 1) Supreme Pain For The Tyrant 2) Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire  3) Next Republic  4) Set Fire To The Island 5) Defenders Of Bú-Tik Palace / Behind The Scenes der Videos (1), (2) & (5) / Interview with bassist Doris Yeh and director Vince Chuang (subtitles in English)

Release: 21. February 2014

Sound-Format: Dolby Digital Stereo

Run-Time: approx. 105 minutes



COPYRIGHT band pic & dvd-cover: c@Chtonic & Eagle Vision