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30. Dezember 2013

Eisheilige Nacht @ Pier 2 – Bremen – 29.12.2013

The Eisheilige Nacht (ice-holy night) organized by Subway To Sally is since a long time a siüerbe festival in December as last month of the year for metal-fans presenting a glorious mix in 2013 of different styles from folk-, gothic-industrial metal to monster-hard-rock. And the top-concert venue of Pier 2 in Bremen was agin the beloved tour-stop for heavy metal maniacs betwixt Christmas and the New Year and it was again packed.

As opener Lord Of The Lost were to entrain immediately by their opener ‘Black Lolita’. Their mastermind and charisma lead-singer Chris “The Lord“ Harms was to enthuse not only the female fans by his crystal optics but all freaks by his powerful chant. It was specially the drum-percussion rhythms of Christian “Disco“ Schellhorn and Gared Dirge by ‘Die Tomorrow’ together with the sinister  bass-play of Class Grenayde to create a hellish atmosphere by this industrial-metal song. LOTL were to conclude their thrilling set by their own dark-romantic song ‘Credo’ (not a cover song of Fish) with its beautiful melodies and by frenetic applause. Lord Of The Lost a band by a style of their unique and own to watch out on their headliner tour in April 2014.

The beasts of Lordi were on their hard-rockin’ express next and the locomotive was immediately at top speed by  ‘We’re Not Bad for the Kids (We’re Worse)’ as first song. Mister Lordi was the lead-wolf with the red roses by his furry head-wear besides his costume and mask and his voice was strong as ever the high-dynamic way.  It really got monstrous and head-banging was to be announced by “Get Heavy”. ‘Beast Loose in Paradise’ was the thrilling melodious song with the sweet and beautiful keyboard-solos of Hella. She really proved what a virtuosic mastress she is on her instrument. There were no solos by every individual musician due to the limited play-time. As there was still christmassy spirit Lordi presented his gimmick-outfit as Santa Clause by ‘Blood Red Sandman’. The hymn ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ was turning the Pier 2 into a mad fools-palace and the master was spreading out his bat-wings to conduct the hellhound-pack to sing along as refrain-choir the phenomenal way.  ‘Would You love A Monsterman’ was the crazy song-question to conclude the show by a loud-blast of applause. Lordi – Loveable Live-Monsters!

The men from the woods – Korpiklaani were invading the venue by their weird, heavy folk-pagan polka metal. They started by ‘Tuonelan tuvilla’ by drummer Matti „Matson“ Johansson  in the spotlight. This ditty and the consecutive ‘Ruumiinmultaa’were electrifying the masses immediately, specially by the solos of Tuomas Rounakari on fiddle and Sami Perttula on accordion. Jonne Järvelä concentrated on his powerful chant without playing the guitar. He did not have his elk-antler micro-stand but was to haul around from one side to another of the stage and animating the freaks to dance in the mosh-pit or to stage-dive. He was shaking his dreadlocks wildly into the air.  The songs are dealing by theme about drinking and so ‘Vodka’ was the top-notch to this. The highlight was definitely ‘Rauta’, even having some reggae-grooves. By so much dehydration by band and devotees they were serving very splendidly first some ‘Tequila’ and afterwards as last chanson a lot of ‘Beer Beer’. The torpedo- applause was the merit for Korpiklaani and the wood-trolls continued happily their tour-devastation on trail to Potsdam.

Subway To Sally as headliners were starting their extravaganza-show by their short and own-inspirational version of ‘Stille Nacht’ (Holy Night) by snow-drift. A heavy pyro-boom was the introduction to ‘Schneekönigin’ (snow-queen) the very impressive dark-eldritch style! The mix of metal chilled up with medieval-folk-elements by the violin-solos of Frau Schmitt was specially enchanting by ‘Sieben’ (seven). The duo-chant of lead-vocalist Eric Fish and Bodensky on second and hurdy-gurdy was very overwhelming. In the background the STS-skull as backdrop was lighted up the shining-way. By ‘Die Schwarze Seide’ (black silk) a new impressive song from the upcoming ablum “Mitgift” was presented. Great One… ‘Feuerkind’ (fire-child) was by the unplugged version and medieval orchestration the highlight of the gig. By ‘Tanz Auf dem Vulkan’ (dance on a volcano) a phenomenal, highly acclaimed show was at the regular end conducted by percussion and violin grooving the oriental style and high-tower pyro-flames. By the courtly-love-song ‘Maria’ the encores were opened the quiet, contemplative way. By ‘Veitstanz’ (St. Vitus Dance) the chant of Eric was creating an eerie-beautiful atmosphere. The freaks did not have enough of high-emotion and so they were crying out STS for another encore by ‘Julia & Die Räuber’ (Julia & the predators). Power as final till exhaustion and mister Fish on hijacking uilleann pipes.

Subway To Sally – German Ice & Fire Masters of Medieval Heavy Metal!