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25. Dezember 2013

Pat Travers / Ty Garner @ De Bosuil – Weert (NL) – 17.10.2013

Weert is always worth a visit for music lovers who like to travel. First they have one of the most spectacular festivals in Europe the Bospop taking place in July of every ear. Second they have one of the best and finest clubs in the Netherlands – De Bosuil! The venue possesses a luxury sound and light system and every concert visit will be a delight for your eyes and ears there. And this rather windy Sunday afternoon it was blues time by Pat Travers and as support Ty Garner.

Ty Garner had left the dismal Mansfield in Great Britain to go on a musical journey for the proceeding years in Europe and he has earned himself a great reputation as a live-act. The gig started the unusual, very exciting way as drummer Marius Rodrigues from Brazil started by a diversified solo till Steve Richardson joined in on bass. When Ty started the show by ‘Every Day’ he proved that he is a master of he new generation of British blues, but with a melt-down of jazz specially by his widespread solos. He’s the Fender Stratocaster man, but his plays are really very warmish andmild by sound. By the second song he took the fans to ‘Congo Square’ one of the nicest places to enjoy New Orleans the birth city of jazz. He was to pay homage to the classic blues by ‘My Baby Left Me’ and he let his guitar speak gently… By ‘Route 66’ he broadcasted live as end this country-blues rather the jazzy way. Loud end applause was the merit for Ty Garner and band.

After a reconstruction stage-phase and time for some chat amongst friends and drinks at the entertaining bar it got steamy  by Pat Travers hitting the stage. The man from Canada started the explosive way by ‘Rock’N Roll Suzie’and he let his guitar howl as intro. The heavy axe-riffs were kind of John Lee Hooker style and the Crown Royal Whisky  trenched voice was ever so strong and amazing. There was no ‘Heat In The Street ‘ in Weert, but the heat was in De Bosuil by the next song  and the fiery play by the whole very tight and wll-rehearsed playing band. The freaks got hooked immediately and it got wild and raunchy. By ‘Black Betty’ the Lead Belly cover it really got loud and the house was nearly torn down like by a hit of a tornado. Graceful it did not, but it was from now on a musical loony bin. Pat played it the rater southern-rock-style and it was specially Sandy Gennaro on drums by his extraordinary, devilish hot play to drive the pack crazy. He granted them by the consecutive ‘Diamond Girl’ as ballad and by the beautiful softer melodies some moments of relaxation  till he got more of kind into dynamic prog-rock-blues by the title song from his great cd ‘Can Do’. It was specially Rodney O’Quinn on bass by his groovy bass play to donate it some extraordinary drive and rhythm. But Pat adores also traditional blues so he rendered tribute to this style by ‘Statesboro Blues’. What brilliant and outstanding guitar-duels by him Kirk McKim.  Pat is often asked why he needs a second guitarist, but live he just can’t cope it otherwise by the complexe plays and this was absolutely over-the-top. By the bang-song ‘Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)’ the pack was not ready to roll home and so Pa and friends had to play the encores and he loved to do itt b the intensive fan-support. First some emotional, delicate string-solos by ‘Black Dog Blues’ and as terminator ‘Gettin’ Betta’. The fans were ever feeling soo well, so they responded by loud claps to hail the master again on the stage supported by drum-hits by Sandy. What a fine country-blues with funky bass-play  to terminate the afternoon the most pleasant way possible. Pat Travers – Rocked De Bosuil!

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