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11. Dezember 2013

Beth Hart & No Sinner @ Zeche – Bochum – 07.12.2013

Beth Hart is always great on her cd’s and she really deserves a Grammy for her cooperation with Mister Joe Bonamassa on “Seesaw”! But you can only explore “Lady Sweetheart Rocketeer” at her best by her phenomenal live-gigs and on top in the thrillingly, intimate sold-out atmosphere of the cultism-venue of Zeche, Bochum!

No Sinner from Vancouver, Canada, were to open as very special guest at already 7 p.m. They initialized as start by ‘Work Song’ as retro-rock-song an ardor by the fans. They were immediately thrilled by the heavy drum-beats as intro of versatile and experienced Ian Browne. The over-the-top kind of psychedelic guitar-riffs in the style of legend Jimmy Page by Eric Campbell were to raise a storm by the maniacs. And there was electrifying Colleen Rennison on chant. She was not only the punchy singer with a maudlin timbre in her voice, but also a hot performer. You could easily get aware by her charismatic stage-show that she was a trainee on a theater school and has quite some experiences in acting in television-movies and series.  But she proved the talent not to agitate in exorbitant style, but very naturally. A awesome,fiery start. By ‘Devil In My Back’ there was the driving thrill by the bass-hooks the utmost groovy manner by Matt Camirand and it was Colleen to sing the bogey-demon out of her soul.  After only 30 minutes approximately of show-time they left the auditorium highly acclaimed the vaudeville-blues-rockin’ style by the title track of their fantastic debut-cd ‘Boo Hoo Hoo’.

No Sinner – A New Star Risin’ Upon The Music-Horizon!

When Beth Hart started solo on stage in the bright, white spotlight by ‘Mama’ she cast a spell from the very first chords played on her electric-piano  and by her ever so boosting voice. She was like a lady-wolf on top hunting-speed. All the red-deer were willing to offer their throats and by joy to donate some red diamond-roses. No worry Beth was not in the mood for a killing hunt she was in the splendid mood to chase her beloved  a little bit around and to titillate them, haha. And they loved to move to the hot rhythms. When her fantastic band joined her on stage it got rollin’ and tumblin’ by ‘Can’t Let Go’. Her guitarerros Jon Nichols and PJ Barth were playing so virtuoso and creatively inspired together, their guitar-duels were a delight. By ‘Sick’ it was her new groove-armada, specially her gorgeous new drummer Bill Ransom by his hyper-dynamic and wild drum-solo to fantasize.  Great additions to the line-up. The Zeche was a tollhouse when Beth took a “Walk On The Wild Side” and promenaded into the auditorium to sing frolicsomely on a balcony. What a surprise to the manicas to be so close to her idol. By so much heat evolving the deer needed a moment of relapse. The lady sang the classic pure blues by a marvelous cover-version of ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ in memoriam of Etta James – R.I.P. This was the absolute highlight execration-momentum by comfort of the show. By the sensitive, melancholic ‘Caught Out In The Rain’ she was definitely  in thought of the dingy weather outside and it was the termination of the regular set.  But this mood did not last by grace a long time, the stormy applause made her hail to stage again and specially by the second encore, Beth and Jon playin’ acoustic guitar the emotion was like summertime and heat again. Beth would have played on till sunrise the very next morning by the rapturousness of the magnificent fans, but there was a nocturnal dance scheduled afterwards. By her last encore ‘By Her’ with kind of desert-sound the end by force and sign of Scott, her beloved  husband was to come. Buuuuuh& Damned!!! After the last standout and thank-you she was hoggin’ everybody symbolically. She was ever so overwhelmed and excited by the non-ending cheers. The amosphere was ever so special this night.

Beth Hart – The Seductive Queenie Of The Freak-Hearts*****

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