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21. Oktober 2013

Fish / VanderLinde @ De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL) – 19.09.2013

Derek William Dick well known as energetic and towering singer by his artist name Fish is Scotsman by pride. So was there to be expected a Scotch Dinner musically  in De Oosterpoort in Groningen? Oh No, he was not serving a Cullen Skink (Scotch Fish Soup) – the roguish bard loves French Cuisine and so he was serving an excellent Bouillabaisse (French Fish Soup). Off course there was by the later hour of the gig a must-go by a drop of Scotch Highland Malt Whisky. But eargerly  all the Fishheads were awaiting their fave!

But first there were VanderLinde to thrill as very special guest. Arjan van der Linde is well known as a multi-instrumentalist, he can play the guitar, bass and drums himself and he has got a distinctive voice. Live he needs a band and by the first tunes of “Every Human Has A Name” there was audible that he had gathered fine pals around him. There was a very familiar face spotted on drums, Fokke De Jong. He is best known for being a member of King Of The World; he was most dynamic and versatile from empathetic to power-drumming and caressing his sticks for the driving rhythm. Live was the mix of pop-rock very much to amuse, specially ‘The Difference’ from the new cd Perfect Sadness by the funky rhythm-bass-drums-groves and the hooky rock melodies. Lead Guitarist Wietze King on lead-guitar was even jammin’ a long and outstanding kind of prog-rock-guitar-solo. ‘Wide Open Fields’ was the closure-song of the set, the boys rocked De Oosterpoort in wild manner and they got their well merited applause for their gig.

The Show started by a very dark atmosphere. In a film booting bombers, afterwards in action, warriors and people during war was displayed on the big screen in the back. An instant of weirdness to remember these unholy momentums. Musically a pulsating, brilliant mix of beautiful melodies contributed by keyboarder Foss Paterson, heavy guitars by Robin Boult and staccato-drums by Gavin Griffiths. And Fish was to ensorcell by his aura and his alternating once excessive and heavy, the other time tender and harmonious, utmost strong chants. Very impressive start. Derek was the utmost superior-humored conférencier, story-teller, joker and loved to communicate during the song-intermezzos. He threw symbolically some eggs on Great Britain, politicians and his beloved word *F..k* was often expressed by him. Heavy laughter and acclaims were the reaction of the Fishheads. The evening and whole tour was proclaimed as The Moveable Feast and the title song of the new brilliant cd ‘A Feast of Consequences’ was next. Acoustic, rockin’ e-guitars, warmish keyboard-solos and specially the driving bass-rhythms by Steve Vantsis, his second vocals and the voice of the master made this song a live highlight. A new prog-rock master-opus! A storm of applause was to rise when Fish was starting to sing ’Script for a Jester’s Tear’ from his legacy from Marillion. The freaks were the loudest background choir you could imagine being ever so giddy with excitement. Mister Dick was celebrating songs of his whole career and ‘What Colour Is God’ from the Sunsets Of Empire cd was his special song of thoughtfulness. The keyboard solos of Foss were overwhelming by ‘Thistle Alley’ and he was creatin’ like a nocturnal church-atmosphere. By a medley of Marillion classics ‘Assassing / Credo / Tongues / Fugazi / White Feather’ all the fishheads at De Oosterpoort were goin’ wild and the atmosphere was tollhouse alike.  It was the acclaimed conclusion of the regular set. But the heavy applause made Fish and bandmates to return and it was the second encore who made them ever so ‘Lucky’. But they were not willin’ to go home, so Derek celebrated as final calm song ‘The Company’ with These beautiful medieval melodies. A Night of Fish live to remember was over, hey everybody was so thrilled and will always  be in the mood again of Goin’ Fishin’!

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