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4. August 2013

Mike Zito & The Wheel – Gone To Texas – Ruf Records # 1956

Texas has been good to Mike Zito and so he starts by the title track and hymn ’Gone To Texas’ in love for his home state. His voice is so soulful and sweetish. ‘Rainbow Bridge’ spices it up the New Orleans Style as rockin’ boogie with a fine honky-tonk piano play and his damn hot guitars-solos. ‘I Never Knew A Hurricane’ a melancholic song with south-seas calypso rhythms and dreamlike saxophone-solos.  ‘Don’t Think Cause You’re Pretty’ seems to be his clearance with a Lady he still has got an open bill. Hellish hard-rockin’ slide-guitar. By ‘Death Row’ he presents a finest Delta-Blues with some cool fingerpicking. It is funk-blues-time by ‘Don’t break A Leg’ with cool bass-frenzies, Hammond-organ and a over-the-top guitar-saxophone duel. Classic Piano and a spiritual vocal-performance by Mike creates a Gospel atmosphere by ‘Take It Easy’. ‘The Road Never Ends’ is a finest shufflin’ Texas blues and Mike roars out his soul and the bottleneck is slidin’ down the fretboard the wild style. Good-time blues-passion makes ‘Subtraction Blues’ so joyful.   Some finest groovin’ retro blues in the style of Cream makes “Hell On Me” a perfect start of the day, if you have woken up the wrong way. Mike is a perfect storyteller by “Voices In Dallas in a raunchy bar with some finest jazz-tunes by clarinet and bass. Listening to ‘Wings Of Freedom’ you feel immediately how relaxed and in best mood he was during the recording. As grand-final the highlight of the masterwork ‘Let Your Light Shine On Me’ a Blind Willie Nelson Mike expresses  his wishes as faithful, religious man.

Mike Zito proves on “Gone To Texas” what an amazing, creative songwriter and extraordinary guitarist he is. Texas Hoodoo*****

Ruf Records # 1956


1. Gone To Texas

2. Rainbow Bridge

3. I Never Knew A Hurricane

4. Don’t Think Cause You’re Pretty

5. Death Row

6. Don’t Break A Leg

7. Take It Easy

8. The Road Never Ends

9. Subtraction Blues

10. Hell On Me

11. Voices In Dallas

12. Wings Of Freedom

13. Let Your Light Shine On Me

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