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18. Juni 2013

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell @ De Oosterpoort – Groningen (NL) – 19.05.2013

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell have always been a superb duo in the first stage of their cooperation. She was always the pretty cherub in the focus, he was her congenial guitarist and writer of many of her songs. You can call this by astrology a perfect constellation by the planets and stars. In 1977 their ways separated and Rodney married Rosanne Cash. And by 2013, Never Say Never and Emmylou and Rodney reunited for their brilliant album ‘Old Yellow Moon’ and even a tour in the U.S. and Europe and for this very special night at the most comfortable De Oosterpoort in Groningen.

The delight started by a typical country-song in the good ole Nashville tradition by ‘Return of the Grievous Angel’. The duet vocals of Emmylou and Rodney were to electrify immediately. Both their voices were absolutely great and as you may say counter-poles are attracting each other… A perfect harmony from the very moment and the audience was captivated immediately. Emmylou was charmingly to Rodney as introductory to ‘I’ll Be Your San Antonio Rose’. She was definitely for the evening his Groningen darling. The song was full of fervency and even had a Texas-twang. The guitar-melodies were so enchanting by ‘Red Dirt Girl’ and highlighted by the sweet chant of Lady Harris which was as crystal-clear like the water-flow of a mountain-creek. Everybody was aware of the versions of ‘Love Hurts’ by The Everly Brothera and Nazareth, but the calm, musing version had its own most beautiful charm and spirit. Set one ended frenetically by ‘Luxury Liner’.

All the fans were in the superior sulkiness in the sold-out De Oosterpoort by ‘The Angels Rejoiced Last Night’ as second song of the sequence number two. Emmylou was in the mood for some dancing by the groove of ‘Invitation To The Blues’ and Rodney loved to watch her having a smirk in his face, even by singing very dynamic. Everybody was in love to the amorous comprehension of the lead-protagonists. Very poignant was the version of ‘Back When We Were Beautiful’ with the piano- and flamenco-guitar-melodies to ecstasize. Hey, Emmylou and Rodney, first of all you were dearest people live and second the lady by grace is still extremely attractive for her age and Rodney looked like a wonderful grand-seigneur. The southern festive-joy, mentality and pride was to rise by ‘Leaving Louisiana In the Broad Daylight’. The melancholic, but beautiful highlight of the gig was the title song of their cd ‘Old Yellow Moon’. By the duet-voices this was the bewitching regular end of the concert. As the applause was so tremendous they returned for ‘Stars On The Water’. It was time for some rockin’ by the electric and pedal-steel guitar-solos. ‘Sin City’ was their song for reflection and by being full of religious faith just perfect to conclude the evening the calm way.

A very special night of the masters Harris and Crowell and their fantastic musicians was over. Everybody was like in trance by the angelic music they had witnessed live for more than2 hours. No dread they were guided home safely by the Lord in Heaven.

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell – Old Love Never Rusts & Dies!