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18. Juni 2013

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell @ Laeiszhalle – Hamburg – 31.05.2013


The patriarchal Laeiszhalle at Hamburg was the most marvelous venue, specially by its neo-baroque interior. The grand-pipe-organ would have been a stylish background, but it was mainly covered by a curtain, what a pity. The fans were very much excited and in joyous anticipation for the upcoming.

Precisely at 8 p.m. the most fantastic band entered the stage and when Rodney Crowell and   Emmylou Harris entered the stage the flame was to emblaze by the branding welcome-applause. You were feeling immediately the high spirits and the sense of delight that this could be very extraordinary. The start was by ‘The Return Of The Grievous Angel’. The stars were not only playing as third title ‘Earthbound’, but by their natural charm by their song-introductions you were aware that they were really so over-simpatico. The audience immediately loved their mood for country-rock for this show and Rodney’s voice had special force by these. ‘The Rock Of My Soul’ was featuring him on sizzling lead-vocals and it was his special song in memory to his mom. By his poignant singing-passion you were feeling his love to her never to cease. ‘Heaven Only Knows’ was a proof how versatile Gerry Rose was playing his drums. Very rousing were the keyboard solos by Chris Tuttle by ‘Ashes By Now’. The end of the first set was rockin’ country-kick-ass style. It was to overflow into a jam, Emmylou dancing boisterously on stage and the phenomenal electric- and pedal-steel guitar duels by Jett Hughes and Steve Fishell. The young and the older dude were electrifying by their plays. Standing ovations at the end by the coyotees, they were howlin‘ for more fun by the second run!

Heart tangent solo-start by Emmylou by her memory ballad ‘Darling Kate’ in commemoration to her friend Kate McGarrigle -R.I.P. Her voice was angelic. The best was yet to come and the party started by ‘Hanging Up My Heart’. Very extraordinary brilliant this evening were the duet-vocals by ‘Invitation To The Blues’.  Off course it was more ballad-time and the non-plus-ultra was the version of ‘Old Yellow Moon’ by its cajun Louisiana style. It was also the festive regular set-end. The cries of the coyotees for encores were by success and it really got loud by fantastic sound by ‘Stars On The Water’. The lady and her guys were rockin’ the hard way so much and the jamboree got wild. For the freaks there was no halt anymore to their seats by the Texas twangs. Excessive dancing and clapping was hip and the struts by the guitar-king Jett were so fervid. Unexpectedly the next songs were ‘Sweet Dreams’ with georgeous vocals and on top ‘One Of These Days’. The protagonists left by stormy applause the stage, and the maniacs never stopped continuing to be noisy. Being so overwhelmed by this for the first time they hit the stage again to rockabilly by ‘She’s Crazy For Leaving’. Rodney turned the house down by his vocals full of dynamite. By ‘Boulder To Birmingham’ the sentimental, light-hearted vocals by Emmylou ended this gig in sweet harmony. A big hug by gesture and a triumphal stand-out sent the hyper-pleased out for some nocturnal excitement or way home.

Hamburg was the phenomenal music-city for a Night To Remember!





Our thanks
to Raphaela Ciblis of Moderne Welt for the accredidation.