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24. Mai 2013

Michael Schenker & Absolva @ Kulturetage – Oldenburg – 09.05.2013

The Kulturetage in Oldenburg was the royal TEMPLE OF ROCK this night. A real cult-jewel as concerts-location with its most excellent sound- and light-facilities.

Well known faces when Absolva as special guest entered the stage – It was Chris Appleton on brilliant vocals and guitars and his companion Martin McNee on power-drums in recogntion. They had the honor to heat up again in 2013 on tour with Michael in repetition as they did by success already in 2012 with their old band. As they have a new lord of the bass-groove Dan Bate on board they were choosing also a new band-name by Absolva. New Draw – New Luck! There is one evidence;  Chris has become a much more forceful shouter which he proved in special by the title song of their cd ‘Flame Of Justice’. His solos were off course brilliant again. ‘Code Red’ was really the highlight by the rhythm-inferno of Dan and Martin and the superbe voice of Martin beside his hard-rock-hooks as solo. They are even goin’ stronger and heavier than ever by their new metal-songs which they were to testify by ‘From Beyond the Light’.  By their musical virtuosity, excellent song-writing the future should be really bright for them. So watch out for Absolva!

Michael was entering solo in the half-dark the stage and dancing all over it, smiling and shaking hands with his freaks. He seemed ever so relaxed, joyous and he had only one ambition to make them rock and beatific. He let his axe howl as intro and the start by ‘Lovedrive’ was phenomenal. He definitely chose a song of the Scorpions, as there was again Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz, their legendary rhythm section in charge of poisonous beats. And Doogie White was the glorious man on vocals again. The blonde guitar-hero was ceremonial by his ‘Attack Of The Mad Axeman’. By ‘Horizons’ Mister Schenker was performing a new, very heavy song, full of melodic rhythm-speed and besides of his solos was the magic of maestro White on lead-canto. By a very impressive and long by classic songs end-phase of the regular set he was to pay reminiscence to his career in UFO.  He was even playing a new Flying-V by design by Dean Guitars styled in one half of them and the other half to MSG. Michael was dancing all over the stage again and to shoot with his instrument in positive way. The devotees were captivated by his excessive solos by ‘Let It Roll’. Heavenly  which tunes he was to elicit out of his six-string and by which tactfulness and brilliance he played it. Far from over yonder. There was no ‘Lights Out’ in the tollhouse of Kulturetage. This song at a glance from 1977 was just  the regular end of the concert. The applause louder than a starting jet was off course making Michael and band-friends to return to stage again and to start by the Scorpions hit ‘Holiday’. Doogie was animating by big response the pack of hounds to be his refrain-choir by this utmost beautiful by melodies half-ballad. He was again so terrific by his multi-various chant. ‘Rock you Like A Hurricane’ was really murderess by fortitude and a gift to notorious head-bangers.  Michael was to strut’n roll to the hot-rhythms of ‘Rock Bottom’ and it was Herman to add a high-voltage drum-excellence. Everybody was having twinkling eyes by the heavenly solo of Michael. His fingers were hoodooin’ the fretboard. As all of the musicians were heaving such a murderous thorn setting the hounds in a dreamlike estate of jubilation they were hailing the stage again. The cringers drove by their heavy, passionate play their admirers close to a ‘Blackout’. But they were arduous and by their ‘Doctor Doctor’ calls were asking for Michael as their medicine man to hex them again by his solos and Doogie was hell of a shouter again.  A stormy end by applause and a triumph.

Hey, there would be a dream for the future, as the scorpio has withdrawn from its statement of reserved property:  A new edition of the legendary MONSTERS OF ROCK FESTIVAL featuring MSG with Doogie and Gary Barden, UFO inclusive Pete  Way and the Scorpions reunited in their original line-up, specially with Uli Jon Roth and off course also with Matthias Jabs. As end from HEAVEN & HELL a monstrous-jam featuring all band members inclusive 3 drum-sets  leaving all personal barriers and problems behind  for a deadly jam!














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