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13. Mai 2013

Ian Siegal & The Mississippi Mudbloods @ Poppodium Iduna – Drachten – 03.05.2013

There was a southern breeze  and a smell of bourbon whiskey in the cultic saloon of Poppodium Iduna . And the music was hot by one of the most American by style British bluesers Ian Siegal & The Mississippi Mudbloods and their guests Black Bottle Riot.

Black Bottle Riot started slow, but very exciting, by ‘Soul In Exile’. They are from Nijmegen,  The Netherlands, but they definitely have committed their spirit to the devil way down south of the U.S.A.  Simon Snel is their striking front-shouter by cryptic voice and rhythm-guitars.   They accelerated by speed by ‘In The Balance’. Mike Sedee was the slide-guitar-slinger and Simon was fascinating by his harmonica-play.  The party was to catch fire. ‘You should know’ was so fascinating by the melancholy and the bass-drive by Jaap van den Berg was so cool. The top-song of their performance.  Although the maniacs were really to ‘Stay Hungry’ for some more kick-ass-southern-rock’n roll  and asking for some futher encores by noisy applause  the end had come at the climax. The band had played to their exhaustion, specially their manimal Pieter Hendriks on drums.

Branding applause was to hail Ian Siegal & The Mississippi Mudbloods on stage and they had a  southern-harmony-style start by ‘Kingfish’. The vocals of Ian were immediately electrifying. He was joined again by brothers Cody & Luther Dickinson from North Mississippi Allstars. Oh no, there was really a visit of a mean hobgoblin in the Iduna, as Ian had by the first songs immense problems with his amplifier and his six-string-pedals. But he took it easy;  was spreading some laughters and jokes  mongst the audience and making even Luther to smile, as normally he plays by keyed-up mien.  ‘Studd Spider’ was hot and funky specially by the grooves of Cody on diablo-sticks and so ferocious were the congenial  axe-duels of misters Siegal and L.-Dickinson. ‘Bayoo Country’ was bringing the passion and fever of the musicians for Louisiana and Mississippi to Drachten. Luther was playing such hot slide-solos. Ian was bewitching additionally by his vocals. Luther was taking over the micro as lead-singer by ‘Bang Bang Lulu’. Shame that he did not play his coffin-box-guitar this night. Oh, yes they were really to ‘Take A Walk In The Wilderness’ pro-verbal, as they were to head to the highway for their trip at Ingolstadt in Germany the next evening.   Hurricane end-applause was wishing them a safe trip on the road.

Ian Segal & The Mississippi Mudbloods – Masters of Ceremony & Tamers of Gators, Snakes & Wild Southern Beasts!

Thank you Dirk from Poppodium Iduna for the accreditation.