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26. April 2013

Golden Earring & Manfred Mann’s Earthband & Boppin‘ B @ Nordseehalle – Emden – 20.04.2013

Saturday 20th April, 6.10 p.m. a charter-jet was landing safely, but with delay at Emden – Airport. Extraordinary for the sea-port town at the North Sea. Who was on  board? The composers of the inofficial Dutch National Anthem ‘Radar Love’ – Golden Earring. The purpose: One of  their rare gigs in Germany! A short HI, specially by their lead-singer Barry  and they had to rush to the overdue sound-check. Grace to the organizers Marema this event took place and on top  as double-bill headliner Manfred Mann’s  Earthband and very special guest Boppin’  B. The Nordseehalle was excellently frequented, but as there is not too
many events in East Frisia there should have been more people, especially by  such a great line-up.  But anyhow,  everybody was having a splendid party.

There could have been no better starting-heater concerning the party-atmosphere than Boppin B’. The “Scheißkapelle”  (bullshit-band) as they love to be entitled if they call out ‘Do you feel alright?’ was not only hot by their rockabilly & rock’n roll sound being very groovy, but also by their acrobatics.  Didi Beck was playing several times on his upright-bass and very special lead-guitarist Golo Sturm was climbing on top of Didi and saxophonist Frank Seefeldt and they were even playing on their instruments. Their relatively new frontman Sebastian Bogensberger had a great voice and is definitely an excellent addition to the B’s. You were feeling their energy and joy to play live, not mattering if in a small club or in a big hall, they powered till exhaustion.  Oh yeah, the hellish end-applause was theirs and as additional merit some drinks afterwards to douse their thirst.

Then it was time for Golden Earring. Old Dudes by age, but young by their dynamite performance, specially their lead-gator Barry Hay. Oh he was top-fit and looked very sun-tanned and relaxed. Some days in the sun of Curaçao, his home-island had been utmost well for him and to recover his voice. He had to cancel some unplugged gigs recently due to a flu. The first killer in the setlist was ‘Another 45 miles’. By his earthbound, low-tone solo on double-bar bass Rinus Gerritsen played the introduction to Radar Love.  The audience was goin’ wild. George Kooymans was playing wild solos and Mister Hay roared the devil away. As intermediary it was time for the grey wolf Cesar Zuiderwijk for his spectacular drum-solo under stroboscope-light. He proved why he is such an unbelievable power-drummer. He made his sticks to juggle in the air and very special was when he was to snuggle his Pearl timbals. The blowoff was ‘Twilight Zone’ as termination of the normal set. These grooves, melodies and vocals by Barry and George tremendeous. As lowdown the freaks had to experience that Barry was not successful in search of a “Long Blonde Animal’. So the frenetic end was approchaed.  As the cringers do not like cockroaches in a hotel-room they headed home by their jet into the night.

Golden Earring – LOWLAND GODS!

Could this still be outgunned by Manfred Mann’s Earthband? Not by energy on stage, but by musical multiplicity and specially by sound which was ultra-clear. Manfred Mann is definitely one of the most underrated leading keyboard-players in the world. Surprisingly the days when he was acting like a shy-guy and completely hiding behind his instrument are over. He was playing the solos mostly on the right side, where you could excellently see him and specially he was coming up to the front of the stage to play an electric clavichord. He was wearing a hat, as it was excellent by optics and specially to cover his reduced lions-mane. Most excellent, not only by his guitar-solos but also on voice was Mick Rogers. He was one of the founding members and naturally he was singing by excellence his hit ‘Father of Day, Father Of Night’.  His brilliant solos were full of harmonies, but off course the rockin’ way, too. The rhythm section, specially the heavy-hitter Jimmy Copley on drums and Steve Kinch on bass were top and dynamic. And then there was on vocals mister Robert Hart. Never heard of him? He became very successfully the man on vocals in 1992 for Bad Company. In the beginning it was definitely very difficult for him to be fan-integrated by the MMEB, as they had the legendary Chris Thompson as original singer. But he is doing such a fantastic job and you were feeling that he is the beloved and anticipated front-guy now. He sings hits like ‘Blinded By the light’ by his style and that’s classy this way. ‘Davy’s On The Road Again’ & ‘Might Quinn’ was the triumphal hammer-end of the gig.

Manfred Mann’s Earthband had put a positive spell on their fans*

A fantastic, joyful highlight-concert was over. Thanks again to Anika Meinen and Gerd Abeln of Marema for their support. Please more off that kind!