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16. April 2013

The Australian Pink Floyd Show @ Nordseehalle – Emden – 14.04.2013

Some religious people are going on a Sunday evening to church. There was a huge shoal to make a pilgrimage to the Nordseehalle in Emden to celebrate a very special worship together with The Australian Pink Floyd Show in venerability of their gods of progressive rock – PINK FLOYD!

The TAPF tour 2013 was by the theme of “Eclipsed By The Moon” in appraisal of the masterwork “Dark Side Of The Moon”.  Set 1 started by ‘Speak To Me’ . The projections on the round screen coated by spots were showing the moon, cover-artwork similar to the originals and band-photos. The first hit was ‘Time’.  With ardent fervidness the members specially Steve Mac on first lead-guitar,  Jason Sawford on keyboards and Dave Domminney Fowler on second lead-guitar demonstrated their remarkably musical talents. And Alex McNamara on main lead-vocals did hell of a job from melodic to rockin’ chant. ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ was rising goose-bumps by the dreamlike keyboard-intro by Jason and the operatic suffrage-solos one after another by the three graces Lara SmilesEmily Lynn and Lorelei McBroom.  By ardor of the audience ‘Another Brick in the Wall – Part 2’ from the opus “The Wall” was the highlight and final of set one.  Conspicuously was that the comic-films projected were different than the originals, TAPF had their own drawings. Perhaps to avoid licensee-fees. Oh, where was the teacher as over-dimensional puppet on stage? Was he too old to rock’n roll and being in undeserved pension as not treating his pupils well and hitting them with his stick? Bummer!

The second set to follow was the non-plus-ultra! TAPF started dizzying by ‘In The Flesh’. If anybody was going asleep during the break and having a nightmare he would have been torn out of this by positive horror. Glare flamboyancy and the thunderous music intro was welcoming again to the show. What a enthralling start. ‘Echoes’ being next was stamped by the keyboard and guitar solos by Steve and  Jason in the beginning. Then it turned by the middle part into a  groove-jam by Colin on four-sting and Paul Bonney on the drums till Steve ended it by his six-string solos at a glance. ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ were not only over the top by the live-musical performance but mainly by the enchanting, creative varilights, projections and specially the brilliant greenisch laser-show.  Awesome! There was pure ecstasy when TAPF were performing ‘One Of These days’. The unique sound-blast and the solos by Colin, Paul and specially Steve, playing on pedal-steel-guitar was extraterrestrial. By ‘Comfortably Numb’ the end of the regular second set was achieved. Alex and Colin were presenting  stunning vocal-performances again. The highlight of the song was the melodic, excessive axe-solo by Dave. By ‘Run Like Hell’ as encore there was no halt anymore by enthusiasm of the fans to stick to their chairs, everybody was to uprise, dancing, clapping and singing along the refrains.

More than two and a half hours of performance were over. The musicians were really coequal to their faves. Excellent was the fact that TAPF were live not only a mere cover band, but playing the songs by own intuition and style.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show – Phenomal music & show as homage and passion to their idols.

There was and is only one question remaining: Roger, David & Nick – Do you hear us and are you still there behind your walls?

Millions of fans are still in affinity to your music. So, hey, please tear down your personal walls and reunite PINK FLOYD live for a complete tour and in memoriam of your superlunary brothers Syd Barret & Richard Wright!

Many thanks to Anika Meinen of Marema for the accreditation!

The Australian Pink Floyd Show are still on tour – Experience & purchase your tickets for this spectacle here: