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10. Februar 2013

Blues Caravan 2013 – Joanne Shaw Taylor & Jimmy Bowskill & Bart Walker @ Fabrik – Hamburg – 06.02.2013

In 2013 Hamburg was finally again a tour-stop for the Blues Caravan by Ruf records. The stylish Fabrik was the ideal host-location again and very nicely filled. This year there was the ascendancy by the menfolk by youngster Bart Walker and old hand Jimmy Bowskill, but during the gig everybody was aware that the mistress was Joanne Shaw Taylor and sadomizing by sweetest pain and strokes her male pets.  As rhythm-fraction there was miscellaneous, hard-workin’ Dennis Palatin on drums and Ian McKeown on bass. Most excellent event on a rather boring Wednesday evening to get the gears starting and the motors of the fans in high-rotation.

The beauty and her two beasts were introduced by label owner Thomas Ruf and started by the blues-classic ‘When Love Comes To Town’. Their live-version had much more dynamics and sounded heavier and more rockin’. Against expectation Jimmy was not on guitars, but on keyboards in the back of the stage. He played  dervish solos and showed his other musical side. Second it was ‘Proud Mary Time’ and Joanne was the excellent animator to make the audience sing along the refrain and clap their hands. The fans loved it and it was the right way to get the gears starting and their motors in high-rotation. But hey there would have been different, innovative and hooking tunes being much more fancy.

It was Bart Walker solo-showtime on the consecutive 30 minutes. The Tennessee grizzly  bear was from the very first tune of ‘I Got The Blues’ very impressive on stage, by his physique, blonde kind of dreadlock-hairstyle, beard, his indian-arts-rings and his still young face and eyes covered by oversized dark sunglasses, but most of all by his guitar-solos and soulful singing. Hell yeah, he got the blues* But during his sizzling performance he was spicing it up very much by southern-rock-sways. How amazing it was to watch the live-highlight and title song of his new cd ‘Waitin’ On Daylight’, naturally intonated on his favourite Gibson axe. At the end of the jubilantly gig he went wild like Jimmy Hendrix and used the micro-stand as slide-bottleneck and was singing by playing his guitar the back-way and this for minutes. Amazing!

Without interference Jimmy Bowskill, the Canadian wolf entered the stage, now equipped by guitar. and he was celebrating far more than blues. He was departing by his gig much more into hard-rock and groove-rock-grounds. By his new short hair-style he looked much more sophisticated and matured. By grace he did not wear a suite, otherwise he would have been esteemed as a banker. But by his play he was hard and heavy, specially by ‘Seasons Play’ and so his departure was a triumph by applause.

The beautiful British Swan Joanne Show Taylor was the headliner of the bill this day and the performance by her was stunning this evening. The main experience was specially her way-improved brilliant singing. ‘Jealousy’ from her actual cd ‘Always Almost Never’ was great, but it was specially ‘Let It Burn’ by her gorgeous guitar-licks to raise storms of applause. The guitar-freaks were amazed and buffed by these. No wonder that by her outstanding talents she was joining already famous Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart often on stage. By ‘Going Home’ she was definitely not.

Instead Miss Taylor was calling her buddies again on stage for a jam and they paid dues to Stevie Ray Vaughan by ‘The House Is Rocking’ and The Allman Brothers by ‘One Way Out’. There was definitely one over-the-top-song in this session by the obeiscence and final ‘Blues Caravan’. Vow, this was it for this memorable night, the stage-lights went off.

And who got the ace-of-spades of the evening? Definitely this night Bart Walker by his awesome play, but on top Joanne Shaw Taylor and Jimmy Bowskill made the Blues Caravan 2013 a full-house play in poker-jargon.

A hot peak! Do not miss them still on this unique tour-casting; you will find the dates by www.bluescaravan.com